Screendesk is fully integrated within Intercom

Screen recordings, live video calls, and video sharing straight from Intercom - no downloads for agents and customers needed.

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Solve tickets faster with no back and forth

Screendesk is the easiest way to get screen recordings from your customers without leaving Intercom.

Get screen recordings from your customers without leaving Intercom. Clear up confusion and resolve complex issues faster asynchronously.

Integrated with your Intercom workflows

We've built Screendesk to be a seamless part of your helpdesk

Intercom Messenger

Connect to your Intercom Messenger

Allow users to initiate a screen recording right in the Intercom popup.

Intercom Messenger screenshot

Intercom Inbox

Don’t switch to another app

Request and send screen recordings, start a live screen sharing call in Intercom Inbox and conversation sidebar.

Intercom Inbox screenshot

Intercom Operator

Compatible with Intercom Operator

When a customer reaches a certain point in your workflow, you can ask them to record their screen.

Intercom Operator screenshot

Transform your support experience

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