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Screen recordings, live video calls, and video sharing straight from your ticketing system - no downloads for agents and customers needed.

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Screen Recordings

Let Customers Show
Their Issues with Video

It can be difficult and time consuming to describe a technical issue in writing. With screen recordings you can offer troubleshooting steps right away, leading to faster response time and a better support experience.

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Browser metadata.
All screen recordings include browser metadata like the OS, browser, IP address, Network Speed, and more.
Bug reports.
Screen recordings capture console logs to help your enginnering team debug issues faster.
Hide sensitive data.
Screendesk will automatically hide sensitive data like passwords and credit card numbers when they record their screen.
Video summarization.
Transcribe and summarize screen recordings with AI to help your team triage issues faster.
Embed the recorder.
Embed the recorder on your support docs or in your app to let customers record their screen.
Share with your team.
Use Screendesk to share feedback and troubleshoot problems across internal teams even faster.

Live Video Calls

It's easier to help your customers
when you see their screen

Support agents can offer step-by-step instructions and guide the user through the troubleshooting process, ensuring they're doing everything correctly.

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Screen sharing.
Help customers explain themselves better by sharing their screen with you.
Record your video calls.
Train new support agents by sharing recordings of your video calls.
No downloads required.
Jump on a video call with your customers without requiring them or your agents to download anything.

Video Library

Leverage your existing videos

Use ready-made videos to quickly answer common questions, boost team efficiency, and help customers solve problems with easy-to-understand videos in your support guides.

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Reply with existing videos in your helpdesk.
No need to switch between apps. Reply to support tickets with videos from your Screendesk library.
Embed videos in your help center.
Say goodbye to long, boring help articles. Embed videos in your help center to make it easier for customers to help themselves.
Call-to-action buttons.
Add links to help articles and other resources from within your video.

Advanced Features

Everything you need to better your customer experience

Role based permissions

Recreate your organization structure and control who can access what

Video editor

Make your videos look professional: trim videos, customize thumbnails, etc


Add customizable CTAs to videos to give users an easy path to important resources

Video Analytics

Monitor customer engagement with your videos and receive real-time notifications

Advanced Security

Automate when recordings and sensitive data should be deleted

Custom branding

Customize the look and feel of everything to match your brand

Why Support teams love using Screendesk

This is what you can expect from using our product.

Increase customer satisfaction
Increase first contact resolution rate
Decrease average replies per resolution
Saved per agent per day on average
1 hour


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“Before Screendesk, we needed one customer support agent to solve 100 tickets per week. Now an agent can solve 140 per week. Videos helped us drastically improve our one-touch resolution rate.”

Head of Operations

“Screendesk makes it so much easier for us to help our customers and resolve more complex cases quicker. It really improved our processes and it's really easy to use for both us and the customer.”

Product Manager

“At Naker one of our main struggle when it came to bug reporting was to understand our user context. Screendesk helped a lot with that to recreate user flows, get console logs and web-browser context.”

CEO at Naker

“Screendesk enabled our customer support team to switch from live support to asynchronous support while preserving a strong and personalized relationship with our clients (which was the number one factor on CSAT).”


“Screendesk helped us decrease the average replies per resolution. Thanks to videos and user contextual information, we removed on average two emails in our resolution processes.”

Operations Manager

“Since implementing Screendesk, we have been saving approximately one hour per day per agent. This is not just a time-saving benefit, but it has improved our overall customer experience, as our customers are getting quicker responses and solutions to their problems.”

Ruben Gueunoun

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